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our method

D3, Inc. is committed to delivering a design with maximum flexibility that enables you to entertain, inform, and connect with your customers. We strive for an enhanced customer experience along with operational efficiencies that result in ROI from increased business, operational cost efficiencies, and reduced capital expenses.

Our approach to every project is broken down into three parts: DEFINE, DESIGN, DELIVER

Select from above to learn more about each part of our method.


We’re Invested in Your Success

What separates us from the rest is that we feel that your project isn’t just another project for us. Our goal is to become one with the client design for their future and the only way to accomplish this is to meet face to face. We want to talk face to face with everyone within the organization that is involved in some capacity to understand the true intent of the project to ensure that all departments benefit from our design.

We often get the questions why we make the effort and to answer that is Our experience has shown us that this way of doing things, with a full understanding of the total project outside of the AV/IT silo, simply works better. You get an end result that makes you look good, and that makes us look good.

“We’ve built these kinds of relationships with dozens of clients, and we want to build that kind of relationship with you. Consider us your personal directors of guest-facing technologies, and let’s build a partnership that can do amazing things.”

Unlike many of our competitors you’ll find in this industry, your project isn’t just another job for us. Our goal is your future growth. We meet our clients face to face. We want to talk to everyone involved and understand the true intent of the project so that we can over-deliver every single time. Why make the extra effort? Our experience has shown us that this way of doing things, with a full understanding of the total project outside of the AV/IT silo, simply works better. You get an end result that makes you look good, and that makes us look good. 

So, How’s It Work?

We’re glad you asked. First, we want to meet with you, describe our capabilities, our goals, show you what we’ve done in the past, and what we’re capable of. We’re going to build trust. Next, we’d love to meet with the client so we can ask the right questions from the AV and IT side of the equation, so that from day one every person involved is on the same page. To us, this just makes sense. From these meetings, we create budgets and provide more details to the architectural team and other consultants.

 This is how we eliminate surprises down the line, the reason we’re able to deliver on what’s promised within budget. We take away a lot of your stress this way, and we also take ownership over the work we’ve done. This is a team effort, and as such, we’re not satisfied sitting on the bench. We want to be involved in every aspect from the starting pistol to the finish line.

That’s what we mean by Define, Design & Deliver.


More Than Spots & Dots

IT and AV have always spoken two different languages. When you need systems that are cutting-edge, future-proofed, and easy for the end-user to operate and understand, this can be a problem. D3, INC is the company that sits in the middle. We are experts in both areas, so nothing is ever lost in translation. We create synergies eliminating most  conflicts. It means saving time and money in the long run, less hassle, and end products that simply work better.

If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It

In an industry with a lot of high-tech talk and even more cookie-cutter solutions, we believe something has fallen by the wayside. Tech that works for the end-user.

Even with decades of experience under our belt, we’re still amazed by how often we see all of the work and effort of others in the industry come to nothing, because at the end of the day no one knows how to use the interface, or signals were crossed between AV and IT so the equipment’s never used to its full potential, or a client system is siloed into many requiring full time staff to operate and maintain. We think that’s a shame, so we fixed it.

We build future-proofed, easy-to-use, innovative, effective, dare we even say fun solutions. We do the initial hard work of designing for intent, based on real expectations because we’ve met with everyone involved. We bridge the gap between AV and IT so that nothing is lost in translation and full potential is realized. We customize what we need to, and we are not beholden to any manufacturer, so we’re never pigeonholed for hardware. Everyone at D3, INC is a programmer, so things work the correct way. Our experience as directors of guest-facing technologies also means we know how to design systems that literally anyone can use.

We have no idea why our approach is so rare in this industry. Doing things this way just feels like common sense to us.

We bet you will feel the same way.


When AV & IT Communicate, It’s a Beautiful Thing

From our experience, typically  drawings are sent out and then interpreted by the general contractor before going out to bid.  Depending on the process, that might be a few bids or dozens. The contractor gets these bids back and generally goes with the lowest bid because they figure, they’re bidding on the project so they must be qualified.

Naturally, they’re not. They need to subcontract, they need to use underqualified workers, they don’t have a programmer, so they need to hire one (usually for cheap), they need to cut all kinds of corners and the job ends up costing more and producing less than the owner’s expectations.

At D3, INC we understand the entire architectural design &construction process whether it’s a build from the ground up or a remodel. We take the extra time and effort to produce these drawings up front, and we’re able to disseminate that information from both sides of the table to create a comprehensive design package that leaves less room for misinterpretation. It’s apples to apples. Our shop level design drawings take into consideration the entire construction process—it’s a lot more than spots and dots, and because we’re a partner we’re able to advise the contractor on which bids can get the job done right, and which ones are wasting your time and money.

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